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Elevator industry
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Welcome to CEDES

CEDES’ product range comprises standard infrared light curtains and sensors for the Elevator and Doors & Gates industries. 
Award-winning innovation allows us to specialize in customer-specific solutions. We develop close partnerships with our customers to ensure we deliver upon our motto, “More than you expect!”

CEDES at interlift 2015

CEDES had launched two new breakthrough products at the interlift 2015. The iDiscovery is a SIL 3, EN 81-compliant position supervisor unit, which takes over safety-related elevator functions. The TOFgard is a door safeguarding sensor, providing protection for the closing edges of both the elevator car and hoistway doors. More...


EN 81-20 compliant light curtains

The latest version of the cegard/Mini-CC meets all EN 81-20 requirements and its features set new standards for elevator and door systems ... more

APS - Absolute Positioning System

From CEDES comes the APS, the revolutionary Absolute Positioning System. Even in the highest buildings with the fastest elevators, the APS tracks car speed and position with the precision and reliability ... more

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