APS and iDiscovery TOFgard CEDES

Two CEDES world premiers at interlift 2015

CEDES showcased two of its new safety products at interlift, which took place on October 13-16 in Augsburg, Germany. The iDiscovery is a Safety Integrity Level 3 and EN 81-compliant position supervisor unit. In conjunction with CEDES' Absolute Positioning System (APS), it takes over safety-relevant elevator functions and devices. These include leveling, re-leveling and preliminary operation with open doors, detection of unintended car movement and overspeed, retardation control and limit switches.

The TOFgard is a “time-of-flight” camera sensor that extends light curtain-style safeguarding across the entire closing face of cabin- and landing doors by means of a 3D protection area. Compared to a conventional light curtain, its packaged volume is reduced by a factor of at least 40.

Breakthrough products
APS and iDiscovery
The SIL3 iDiscovery uses data on position and velocity (over a distance of up to 1,500 m and at speeds up to 20 m/s) to take over safety-relevant elevator functions. Mounted in the controller or on the car, basic variants take over limit-switch and door-zone functions. more...
The TOFgard comes in three versions, all of which offer a 3D protection area across the entire closing face of cabin- and landing doors. It is mounted in the lintel of the cabin door, requiring only a small cutout of metal. more...