Technical masterpiece from Landquart


The world of elevators has been waiting for this: CEDES is about to launch iDiscovery, a product that revolutionizes elevator safety. This ingenious solution inspired guests from all over Europe who were fortunate enough to discover the full potential of the technical masterpiece prior to interlift 2019.

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The phrase “innovate or die” might sound rather dramatic, but at its core is the fundamental affirmation of the truth. By adhering to this saying, CEDES has rapidly evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elevator sensors, intelligent elevator shaft information and safety communication solutions.

Hand in hand with robot & co.


Do robots take people’s jobs away? Not at CEDES. If the truth be told, the iCram robot makes life much easier for our employees.

The CEDES RMA process is now online


The CEDES electronic repair and warranty claim system (RMA - Return Merchandise Authorisation) was launched in September 2019. We make every effort to ensure the products you order arrive in perfect condition. Despite its correct use, a product may be defective or malfunction.

A quantum leap in the detection performance


The new version of the IMS 100 NT provides a significantly higher level of detection performance. This improvement was achieved by modifying the illumination frequency. An increase of the light modulation frequency from 10 MHz to 40 MHz led to much better detection performance, especially for applications with highly reflective, shiny, or bright surfaces.

Safeguarding industrial doors with the GridScan/Pro


The further development of light curtains for safeguarding industrial doors has been successfully certified. A non-contact SIL2 protection for doors, GridScan/Pro is fit for universal application. EC type-tested, the system can be used as E-device at any door without additional approval of the door model.

Pioneer Newsletter Q1 - 2019


Are the Swiss the world market leaders in quality? Well, we are, until we launch a product in Japan. Our Japanese customers painfully point out even the tiniest mistakes. And they demand highly detailed, step-by-step information until a sustainable solution to the problem has been found.

Successful CEDES Sales Meeting


The annual CEDES Sales Meeting was held late February at the company headquarters in Landquart, Switzerland. From the product side, two key highlights formed the center of interest at this years’ venue.
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