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World premiere at BAU 2019


At our exhibition stand 400 in hall B3, we will be celebrating the world premiere of our 3D sensor TOFswing/AD, the world’s smallest sensor for safeguarding automatic swing doors. Not only does it reliably protect people and objects over the entire opening and closing range of the door, but its software also reliably detects door handles and walls and fades them out.

The spirit of give and take


CEDES has been the main sponsor of UHC Alligator Malans for over twenty years and provides not only financial support but also part-time jobs to overseas players and coaches.

Pioneer Newsletter Q3 - 2018


With $19,485 m (IMF GDP nominal 2017), the USA remains the driving force of the global economy but is now being closely followed by China ($12,014 m). Just 10 years ago (2008), China ($4,604 m) was still slightly behind Japan ($5,038 m) and just ahead of Germany ($3,770 m).

Modernised escalator saves energy – thanks to TOF/Start


Escalators transport millions of people every day – on their way to work, while shopping or travelling. They are in operation daily, irrespective of whether they are being used to their full capacity or not. Continuous operation ensures that people are transported efficiently from one floor to the next. This also means, however, that a lot more energy is used than is actually needed.

CEDES at NAEC 2018


The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Annual Convention & Expo occurred at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 26th and 27th, 2018. More than 200 exhibitors exhibited and nearly  2,750 attendees were pre-registered for the event.

Modernization with cegard/Mini-MOD


The cegard/Max and MiniMax light curtains were launched several years ago and have, in the meantime, been successfully replaced by cegard/Mini-MOD. As of 1 January 2019, cegard/Max and MiniMax will only be available as special configurations. A price adjustment is also unavoidable.

Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency


CEDES AG is convinced of the need to stand up for sustainable climate protection. By voluntarily declaring its adherence to the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency program, CEDES AG commits to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency. The Swiss Federal Government, cantons and private sector partners honor the target agreement.

CEDES reviews premiere of the E2 Forum in Frankfurt


The E2 Forum celebrated its premiere at the exhibition grounds Messe Frankfurt on 18 and 19 September 2018. The event focused on innovation, digitisation and sustainability in tomorrow’s buildings. E2 stands for elevators and escalators.

Pioneer Newsletter Q2 - 2018


The 2018 World Cup is an excellent example of how a small nation or team can excel on an international stage. Croatia illustrates this best in how they took on big footballing names such as England and Argentina and emerged victorious to book their place in the final itself.
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