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Light barriers

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Positioning and control Systems


The APS is a contactless absolute positioning system for elevators. It supports speeds of up to 20 m/s and distances of up to 1,500 m. As SIL 3 rated, it can be used for safety-relevant functions.


The iDiscovery is a powerful SIL 3 and EN 81-20/50 compliant safety supervisor unit. In conjunction with CEDES’ APS (Absolute Positioning System), it takes over safety-relevant functions of the elevator.

GLS 326

The GLS 326 slot-type light barrier features three infrared beams, each with its own output. Its integrated twin microprocessors make it possible to cost-effectively provide a variety of applications in combination with the elevator control system.

GLS 126 NT

The GLS 126 NT is a slot-type light barrier which provides millimeter-exact positioning of elevators. Fully sealed with an enclosure rating of IP66, its high light reserve guarantees protection against dirt, dust and smoke.

GLS 526

The GLS 526 slot-type light barrier features five infrared beams, each with its own output. This enables the GLS 526 to provide a variety of hoistway signals which allows for very cost-efficient solutions.
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