Sustainability is at the root of everything that we do. The technologies our partners invest in today - which are the technologies CEDES is at the forefront of developing - will have a lasting impact on the future of our planet and the communities we serve. 

ENGAGEMENT - Every idea counts

CEDES employees are empowered to make us better every day. A well-established continuous improvement process gives everyone a chance to contribute ideas and fosters entrepreneurial thinking. As a result, over 150 improvements have been implemented over the last four years in the following areas: 

  • 70 % processes

  • 20 % material savings 

  • 10 % occupational safety

Additionally, feedback forms for Environment and Health & Safety are accessible via our employee app and forwarded directly to the relevant team for evaluation. 

Solar Power

1’750 square meters – that's the total surface of solar panels installed on the roof of our Science Park building in Landquart. The photovoltaic system will provide around 360’000 kWh electricity per year, covering 20% of our annual energy consumption and reducing our CO2 emissions by 65 tons per year!

Thanks to the support of SunTechnics Fabrisolar and with a good teamwork, we were able to realize the photovoltaic in a few weeks only.


E-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters: more and more CEDES employees use electrically powered vehicles to commute to work. Specially designated parking spaces and PLUG'N'ROLL charging stations are at their disposal in the Science Park.

Clean-Up Day

This Swiss-wide event provides a great opportunity to do some good for the planet and to give back to the community. Each year, we organize a big clean-up action in and around Science Park.

ACCOUNTABILITY - More than just words

Under the agreement with ENaW (Energy Agency for the Swiss Private Sector) concluded for the period of 2017-2027, CEDES has obliged itself to fulfill specific goals in energy saving and CO2 footprint reduction. The measures implemented since 2017 include:

  • Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lighting
  • Reducing air system pressure by 4 bar
  • Reducing warm water temperature by 4 degrees   
  • Training employees in energy saving and proper ventilation 

How we save energy with TOF/Start

A time-of-flight sensor for escalators that recognizes the walking direction, preventing activation when people are only passing by. Result: a 600% increase in energy saving compared to conventional radar sensors, as shown in this case study.

Product page TOF/Start

iDiscovery & APS

Our absolute positioning system and safety supervisor unit simplify the hoistway in an unprecedented way, making numerous components of conventional elevators redundant.

Product page iDiscovery

Product page APS


SAFETY - Our commitment to employees and customers 

Safety is our top priority and a precondition of doing business. We are committed to providing healthy workplaces that enable employee well-being. Furthermore, we strongly believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and therefore introduce various measures to increase awareness of this topic, including: 

  • Communicating health & safety metrics (safety cross) 
  • SUVA campaigns 
  • Regular safety trainings and emergency evacuation drills 

Safety is also at the core of our business. Our products are designed to ensure safe operation of elevators and industrial doors, preventing injuries and damage. The compliance with safety standards is confirmed by third-party certification, and many of our engineers are trained in functional safety by TÜV Rheinland.

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