IoT solutions for elevators

From sensor to the cloud

Unlocking the power of elevator sensor data for predictive maintenance and people flow analysis. 

Sensors installed in today's elevator systems are already capable of collecting a large amount of data, but their full potential is by far not yet exploited. Sensor data can be turned into actionable insights for elevator companies, as well as for real estate owners and facility managers. Discover how we unlock this potential for an unparalleled increase in efficiency, performance and safety. 


IoT-enabling light curtain

  • Easily mounted on the cab doors
  • Suitable for center and side-opening applications
  • Meets the requirements of ASME A17.1-2016 / CSA B44-16 and earlier, ASME A17.5-2019 / CSA B44.1:19 and EN 81-20:2020 standards 
  • Multiple criss-cross beams for reliable detection remain active up to complete door closure
  • Optimized elevator door diagnostics
  • Easy installation
  • EU and US versions of the control unit available
    (US version with 2 antennas)

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CEDES Elevate 

IoT Service

  • Continuously monitors data from cegard/Smart sensors to detect door malfunctions, evaluate door performance, and generate alerts 24/7
  • Easy data visualization with dashboards for dispatchers, technicians and building owners
  • Enables data-driven maintenance and provides near-real-time status of the elevator

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cegard/Smart ECom 

A powerful combination of door safeguarding, IoT and emergency call

  • In cooperation with 2N, a global leader in IP access control and provider of elevator solutions 
  • Enables voice, video, text and data in all emergency communications
  • Sends automatic warnings even before the emergency call is made 
  • Provides information on where the cabin is and how many passengers are trapped inside 
  • Detects where and when issues will occur to minimize entrapment risk in the future 


Thanks to its unique feature combination, our technology is strategically designed to improve efficiency: 

  • Door diagnostics available for all elevators, irrespective of OEM
  • Traffic analysis of intra-building movement of people throughout the day
  • Quick and easy installation by any qualified field technician
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