IoT solutions for entrance automation

From sensor to the cloud

Unlocking the power of door sensor data for predictive maintenance and people flow analysis. 

Sensors installed in today's door systems are already capable of collecting a large amount of data, but their full potential is by far not yet exploited. Sensor data can be turned into actionable insights for door companies, as well as for real estate owners and facility managers. Discover how we unlock this potential for an unparalleled increase in efficiency, performance and safety.  

GridScan/Smart Traffic

IoT-enabling light curtain

  • Object identification based on its contour image (e.g. person, a car, a truck or a forklift)
  • Volume determination based on taught-in object data
  • Possibility to connect with other sensor and door data withhin an IoT solution
  • Data transmission to the processing module through an RS485 interface
  • Easy installation

Maveo Pro 

IoT Service from Marantec

  • Proven IoT solution specialized on doors and gates
  • Perfect basis to launch new business models and monetize IoT
  • Open system with a maximum of flexibility enables a wide range of potential integrations
  • Proud brand of the german-based Marantec Group


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