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The iDiscovery is a powerful SIL 3 and EN 81-20/50 compliant position supervisor unit. In conjunction with CEDES’ APS (Absolute Positioning System) it takes over the safety-relevant functions of an elevator.
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This highly integrated system eliminates the need for many individual systems and components currently required by a conventional elevator. In combination, the APS and iDiscovery significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the elevator as well as installation and maintenance time.


  • Door monitoring
  • Leveling, re-leveling and preliminary operation with open doors
  • Detection of unintended car movement (UCM)
    - Door zone speed-monitoring
    - Monitoring that door zone of target floor is not left with open doors
  • Overspeed detection with different speed limits
  • Retardation control / ETSL
  • Final limit switches
  • Bridging of door contacts for maintenance (BYPASS)
  • Check if door contacts are faulty (bridged)
  • Safety gear monitoring


  • Simplifies the hoistway by replacing many individual systems and components
  • Easy configuration in the field on job site without the need of any tool/computer
  • Automated and straightforward teach process
  • Large operating range offers high flexibility in mounting variations
  • Easily integrated into elevator control system; communication via CANopen DS417 protocol
  • Contactless and robust positioning system is operating wear-free as well as noiseless


  • Significantly reduced complexity
  • Significantly reduced time of
    - integration
    - installation
    - teaching
    - maintenance
  • Significantly reduced material and labor costs of your installation



Statement Lars Kollmorgen - Kollmorgen GmbH
Statement Stuart Davidson - Lester Controls
Statement Christian-Erik Thöny - CEO CEDES Group
Statement Mirsada - Head of SMD-Testing - CEDES AG
Statement Marcela Lendi - Head of iDiscovery Engineering - CEDES AG
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