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The IoT-enabling smart light curtain is combined with CEDES Elevate, to provide a complete IoT solution.

cegard/Smart is equipped with a large number of sensors, enabling the monitoring and prediction of elevator health beside the standard door safeguarding function. Having the sensors packaged in a standard light curtain allows fast, risk-free mounting. Furthermore, dynamic mounting on the door enables people counting. cegard/Smart connected to CEDES Elevate provides the following key features and benefits. 


  • Status overview for all elevators in service
  • Continuous monitoring of elevator health – special focus on doors
  • Generation of people flow data (how many people enter/exit at specific floors)
  • Fast and risk-free installation given the fact that the complete hardware is built into a light curtain package


  • IoT solution for all new and existing elevators regardless of brand, age or type


  • Enables data-driven maintenance and provides near-real-time status of the elevator
  • Enables overview of elevator and building usage based on people flow data
  • Easy data visualization with dashboards for dispatchers, technicians and building owners
  • Fast installation and intuitive IoT onboarding process


  • Cost saving by achieving a more efficient and customer-centric elevator service
  • Increased customer retention by ensuring limited elevator downtime and fast reaction in case of issues
  • Reduced loss of service tickets given fact-based data on elevator uptime, anomalies and people flow
  • Potential upsale by providing generated people flow data to building owners



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