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CEDES Elevate

CEDES Elevate is a cloud-based IoT platform that enables smart elevator management, optimizing service through data-driven maintenance recommendations, and people flow insights.

CEDES Elevate is a brand-agnostic elevator solution that analyzes the root causes of elevator faults around the clock. It helps to improve elevator uptime and ride quality, while giving visibility through data collected by the IoT-enabling light curtain cegard/Smart. CEDES Elevate harnesses the power of data through retrofi­ttable sensor-based hardware and a white-labelled customer portal. It comes with fully integrated software tools fi­tted to the maintenance and service process - the onsite assistance and dispatcher support ensure peace of mind for elevator service providers and their customers.


  • 24/7 equipment health monitoring  
  • Proactive notifications 
  • Ride quality monitoring 
  • Door failure identification 
  • Floor determination and elevator usage 
  • API for data visualization 


  • IoT solution for all new and existing elevators regardless of brand, age or type 


  • Enables data-driven maintenance and provides near-real-time status of the elevator 
  • Enables overview of elevator and building usage based on elevator traffic and people flow data 
  • Easy data visualization with dashboards for dispatchers, technicians and building operators 
  • User-friendly and intuitive IoT onboarding process 


  • Unique insights in building usage through people flow mapping  
  • Optimizing effort through more efficient yet customer-centric elevator service 
  • Increased customer retention by enabling increased elevator uptime and faster response times in case of equipment issues 
  • Less disputes through a single source of truth based on machine data 
  • Oftentimes already break-even by just one or two callbacks saved 



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CEDES Elevate


CEDES Elevate
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