5 year warranty for all cegard/Mini-CC systems with 36 elements

CEDES has been producing high-quality light curtains for the protection of elevator doors since 1990. True to our slogan «The Sensor Pioneers», we have been continuously revising our technology and production processes. Our goal is ambitious: We want to be the industry leader in technology and quality and remain so in the future.

Within this context, the most important step towards further improving quality was probably the introduction of several intermediate tests in the various production steps. Until three years ago, every single light curtain was tested statically and dynamically before delivery. Today, the products are 100% tested at least three times and defective parts are rejected. This also includes function-monitored inspections at higher temperatures over a longer period of time. Monitored testing means that the function of the light curtain is monitored during the entire test duration and even the smallest of possible dropouts is detected. These tests simulate around 2.5 years of operation under normal conditions. As a result of this industry-wide unique multiple 100% inspection, the failure rate of our light curtains at the customer’s facility was once again reduced drastically.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved our goal of being the industry leader in technology and quality.

And we are sure of this – so sure in fact that we offer you a full 5-year warranty on all cegard/Mini-CC light curtains with 36 elements produced from 1 January 2019. Without ifs and buts.

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