CEDES and relayr premiere a joint solution for the elevator industry, unleashing the power of elevator data

Reno Nevada, USA - CEDES, a global leader in elevator safety light curtains and optoelectronic sensors, and relayr, announced today the launch of their joint solution for the elevator industry - combining CEDES’ renowned light curtain with relayr’s Industrial IoT expertise.
  • CEDES and relayr present a jointly developed solution for smart data use in the elevator industry. 
  • CEDES and relayr have launched a joint solution, uniting CEDES’ IoT-enabled light curtain cegard/Smart with relayr’s predictive maintenance solution SKYLER Elevate. 
  • The new product increases safety and efficiency in the elevator industry. 
  • The joint solution by CEDES and relayr will be available starting today.

The new joint solution by CEDES and relayr harnesses the power of elevator data to enhance safety, user experience, and performance. With its advanced sensor capabilities, the IoT-enabling light curtain cegard/Smart is a game-changer for the elevator industry, ensuring a smooth and secure elevator experience. By leveraging SKYLER Elevate - relayr’s IoT-powered predictive maintenance services - the innovative solution promises to increase operational efficiency, enabling data-driven decisions for elevator system optimization. 

“Our joint solution brings together CEDES’ decades of excellence in developing elevator safety light curtains and relayr’s expertise in IoT technology,” said CEO of CEDES, Patrick Bass, “By uniting our strengths, we empower the elevator industry with a transformative tool to elevate efficiency, safety and user experiences to new heights.” 

“At relayr, we’ve always believed that data is a powerful tool to navigate the demands of the future, especially when it comes to innovation in the elevators market,” said CEO of relayr, Jessica Poliner. “The joint solution exemplifies this belief, as it equips the elevator industry with the insights to enhance both safety and operational efficiency.” 

The joint solution by CEDES and relayr will be available for implementation starting today. Both companies are excited to embark on this journey together - bringing IoT-powered solutions closer to the elevator industry.


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