CEDES Changshu (China) celebrates its 10th anniversary

On 16 November 2018, customers, suppliers, politicians and employees celebrated the 10th anniversary of the CEDES production site in Changshu, northwest of Shanghai.

When the Changshu plant was opened in 2008, around 30 people produced cables to meet the worldwide demand for light curtains and slot-typ light barriers. Even then it was clear: There is only one CEDES quality standard. The components and products produced in Changshu must meet the same quality standards as the products «Made in Switzerland». This paradigm has proved its worth and is still valid today. It goes without saying that the CEDES Changshu production facility is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Over the years, this plant has been continuously expanded to become an important CEDES site for increasing global competitiveness. Today, in addition to cables for light curtains, the plant also produces cables for positioning systems and 3D TOF sensors as well as slot-type light barriers for the domestic market. But that’s not all: Since October 2018, the domestic demand for light curtains has been met by the Changshu plant.

Parallel to the constant expansion of production, an effective R&D department has been set up in Changshu. This team not only localises products from Switzerland but also independently develops sensors to complement the CEDES product range. Only recently, we were able to introduce the door activation sensor RDS 100. And this is just the beginning.

Over the past 10 years, the CEDES production site in Changshu has grown from an internal cable supplier to a sensor production and development facility. Today, it employs around 80 people, six of whom work in R&D – an impressive story of success.

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