CEDES Insights: Production & Processes

Our COO Rudolf Jörg explains how the high-quality CEDES products are manufactured in Landquart: from the assembly of printed circuit boards to the final inspection of the finished product.

The Production & Processes department covers the operations of our production site in Landquart. This includes seven subdepartments (Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Service & Support, Quality Assurance, Automation and Process Development), which ensure that CEDES products are manufactured, tested and delivered to our customers on time, in compliance with our high quality standards. Our two other production sites in China and Romania are managed directly from the headquarters in Switzerland in the areas of purchasing and quality assurance. 

The product portfolio manufactured in Landquart ranges from simple optical sensors to complex camera systems in 2D and 3D technology. Manufacturing begins with the in-house assembly of PCBs. The SMD department has 3 SMD assembly lines of the latest generation, with an assembly volume of approx. 250 million components per year. Among other things, electronic components with a pitch of 0.5 mm (distance from center to center between two component leads) are mounted onto the PCBs with high precision.

The manufactured SMD assembly is then optically inspected for assembly defects using AOI (automated optical inspection). For electrical testing (ICT and functional testing), applications and devices developed and built by our Automation department are used. This requires specialist disciplines such as hardware and software development, mechanical engineering and, depending on the design, automation. In addition to testing equipment for electrical testing of SMD assemblies, the Automation department also develops testing equipment for the final inspection of finished products, as well as systems for automating production steps. In further departments, the final product is put together from the SMD assemblies and other components such as housing, lenses, and cables, and then undergoes final tests. The Process Development department has in-depth knowledge of technical processes and supports Production in their implementation and optimization.

Finally, the products are packaged in the MTO department and shipped to customers all over the world. Chances are that you have already used an elevator with components manufactured by CEDES, applied to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers every day. 

Rudolf Jörg

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