CEDES at interlift 2017

Another two years of innovation have passed by, meaning it is time once again for CEDES to make the trip to Augsburg, Germany and show the elevator and escalator world our latest technology at interlift 2017.

For hoistway information and communication, the second-generation APS has arrived. The SIL 3-rated APS is a contactless absolute positioning system for elevators and features improved mounting tolerances and position-indicator-clip recognition.

Thanks to a special demonstrator units, visitors to the CEDES booth can see for themselves how the APS performs so reliably under typically tough hoistway conditions.

Our TOFgard/Mini offers ultra-reliable elevator door safeguarding across both the cabin and landing door closing edges - but in a camera sensor that is some 40 times smaller than a standard comfort light curtain. In addition, the TOFgard/3D also offers entrance-area monitoring.

Improving escalator energy efficiency and safety is also a priority for CEDES. The TOF/Start sensor greatly enhances this via its direction recognition capability. Many sensors activate an escalator when someone enters the entrance area. However, the TOF/Start checks if the person is walking towards the escalator to use it, or if they are just passing by. This greatly reduces false starts, energy consumption and wear-and-tear.

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