CEDES’ Marathon Skiers

The world-famous Engadin Ski Marathon celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and a team from CEDES celebrated by finishing 29th in the team rankings. While the recent CEDES Ski Day is a relaxed family affair, the Engadin Ski Marathon is a very tough challenge, attracting over 14,000 competitors from around the world.

Eight CEDES employees competed in the 21 km and 42 km races between Maloja and S-chanf.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow competitors, Loris Zanolari said: “Despite the freezing rain at the start, we were able to motivate ourselves for the challenge.  The tough conditions made us all the more proud of our achievements at the finish. And it’s great too that CEDES continues to sponsor a team for such an event.”

The CEDES team comprised Olivia Bislin, Matthias Fischer, Matthias Menzi (all 21 km) with Alex Ackermann, Loris Zanolari, Lars Färber, Matthias Krebs and Thomas Hermann (all 42 km).                                                                                                                                      

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