CEDES to integrate Relayr’s Elevate

Since early 2023, Relayr and CEDES have cooperated to create new, innovative solutions for the elevator industry. With this partnership, the Elevate product was created and launched initially to a limited number of partners in 2023 and more broadly this year. Relayr has made the strategic decision to withdraw from the Elevate business and transfer its rights to CEDES as of April 15, 2024.

The transfer also includes the job offer to various Elevate employees and helps to ensure full knowledge transfer to CEDES. 

Jessica Poliner, CEO of Relayr, expressed her optimism about the future of Elevate under CEDES’s stewardship: “We appreciate the learnings and extraordinary market opportunity for an IoT product in the elevator industry, and we believe that going forward, CEDES is the best owner of the Elevate product. We look forward to seeing the further development and growth of the product driven by CEDES.” 

Integrating Elevate seamlessly into its offerings, CEDES aims to set new benchmarks in elevator safety, performance, and satisfaction worldwide. This move not only strengthens CEDES’s position as a leader in innovation but also showcases its dedication to pushing the elevator industry forward with smart elevator technology applications. 

Patrick Bass, CEO of CEDES, warmly welcomed the new team members and emphasized the exciting prospects ahead: “The Elevate team has already felt like a part of CEDES and we are excited to officially welcome these teammates to our company, ensuring the continuity of this impactful industry advancement. Together, we are set to unlock the full potential of CEDES’ unique solutions combining the various configurations of cegard/Smart systems and the Elevate user interface. We thank Relayr for the significant partnership as we take the next step to globally deploy our IoT platform.” 

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