Clean-Up Day 2022

Taking care of the environment is one of our top priorities, and this Swiss-wide event is a great opportunity to do that. This time, we organized a big clean-up action both inside and outside of the Science Park.

In preparation for the Clean-Up Day, all CEDES employees took time to empty their offices and storage rooms from redundant stuff, freeing up considerable space. On Friday, designated teams collected and separated the waste for proper recycling. The results of this action were quite impressive, including:

  • 1.8 tons of scrap metal
  • 3 tons of mixed scrap
  • 300 kg insulated copper
  • 300 kg aluminium
  • 1.5 tons of general waste

On top of that, decluttering our working environment had beneficial effects on concentration and work quality. Order in the house – order in the head. 

Meanwhile, other teams geared up with safety vests, gloves and trash grabbers, and went off to clean up our nearest surroundings. Together, they filled up numerous 110 l trash bags. As always, the Clean-Up Day provided a great opportunity to do some good for the planet and for local communities. The approving smiles from passers-by were the best reward for our efforts. 

After the hard work, our Clean-Up teams enjoyed well-deserved refreshments in the cantine. Sustainability was the motto of this part of the day as well – 5 cents per each can of Uszit beer go into projects aimed at protecting Swiss forests.

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