EVO: New version of GridScan/Pro offers major added value

Building on the very successful series of light curtains for industrial doors, CEDES launches the next generation of GridScan/Pro called EVO. Its improved functionalities and new features result in significant benefits.

All-in-one solution for reduced stock costs 

All EVO systems can be mounted statically or dynamically – the operating mode can now be changed from blanking to static and back with a few simple gestures. This video  shows just how easy it is. Thanks to this new feature and the combined FSS and push-pull output, EVO easily adapts to your changing needs. You only need one type in stock to cover various applications.  

Easy to align and more robust than ever 

In this new version, CEDES took the well-established advantages of GridScan/Pro a step further. Whether you`re installing EVO in or outside of the door guiding rail, the optimized start-up algorithm ensures a hassle-free alignment of the edges. Moreover, the improved potting process enhances the resistance to extreme humidity and varying temperatures, making the new GridScan/Pro an ideal solution for cold storage applications.  

Visit the product page for more details.

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