The following article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. What are the reasons behind this acquisition? Which products are in the VITECTOR portfolio? Who are the contact persons for questions related to the VITECTOR portfolio?

What are the reasons behind this acquisition? 

By acquiring VITECTOR, CEDES becomes the market leader for industrial door sensors and strengthens its strategic second pillar. We now offer a complete portfolio for industrial door safeguarding.

Which products are in the VITECTOR portfolio?

Products for industrial door safeguarding that compliment the CEDES portfolio, incl. optical sensing edges, reflective photo eyes, switches and door accessories. Wireless gateway systems (WGS) and rotary encoders are excluded from the deal and stay with FRABA. You can find a product overview on the next page. 

Who are the contact persons for questions related to the VITECTOR portfolio?

Full list of contacts here.

Germany, Netherlands, Eastern Europe - Mario Baumann
France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK/Ireland, Africa - Bob Wells
Iberia - Francisco Garcia
Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Latin America - Antonio Pagan
Asia-Pacific - C.H. Keay , Alex Kuo , Steve Tham
Japan - Hiroyuki Takayanagi , Shun-ichi Yasukawa
China - Jason Zheng
USA - Chris Psotka

Technical Support:
Europe - Klaus-Michael Ziehm
USA - Jim O'Laughlin

How can I order VITECTOR products? 

First point of contact: your regional sales representative (see above)

How will claims be handled?

All claims will be handled by CEDES in Landquart. Use the CEDES RMA tool

Will the prices remain the same?

We are striving to keep the prices stable. However, due to the viable market and supply chain situation, we reserve the right to make necessary adjustments. 

Will the products be further developed?

Yes, with this acquisition we set a strong basis for future product developments. 

Will the brand name VITECTOR be kept?

Yes. VITECTOR is a well-established name in the industrial door sensor market. It now becomes VITECTOR by CEDES with a new logo. 

How long will it take before VITECTOR is fully integrated?

The transition period is planned for 2 years. VITECTOR products will be integrated into our systems gradually. 

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