iDiscovery from CEDES revolutionizes elevator safety

With the unveiling of the iDiscovery position supervisor unit at interlift 2019, CEDES set a new visitor record. The high level of participation in the pre-launch event on 19 and 20 September 2019 in Landquart/Switzerland, which attracted forty business representatives from nine European countries, already gave an indication of the extensive interest in this innovative system.

iDiscovery is a high-performance SIL 3 and EN 81-20/50 compliant position supervisor unit. Together with the absolute positioning system (APS) from CEDES, it assumes the safety-relevant functions of an elevator. iDiscovery not only takes elevator safety to a whole new level, it also eliminates the need for many previously required individual components. The time required for integration, installation and maintenance of the elevator is drastically reduced, thereby cutting costs for the elevator manufacturer. 

CEDES is therefore at the leading edge of development! Almost every visitor complained about the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. 

Further, energy efficiency is also becoming increasingly important. TOF/Start detects people approaching the escalator and ignores cross-traffic – visitors to the CEDES stand were able to experience this feature live. The resulting energy savings are considerable! TOF/Start is ideal for retrofitting escalators. 

Lively discussions also took place about the presented concept study «Cabin Monitoring». A 3D sensor mounted in the cabin roof monitors the interior of an elevator cabin. While today’s common overload measuring systems display the weight inside the cabin, the 3D sensor detects the occupied volume and thus also sees objects such as shopping trolleys, crates or similar. Conversely, the sensor can reliably detect an empty cabin – and even small objects such as suitcases or shopping bags do not go undetected. Last but not least, this sensor can also count people.

Furthermore, the new Web Shop was showcased. It offers the most popular CEDES products for modernizing and repairing elevators and industrial doors. Logged-in customers can thus easily and conveniently place orders 24/7 at their previous rates and benefit from a 2% additional discount. Register today at

By the way, many people talk about «quality leaders», «unrivalled quality», «Made in ...» and so on. CEDES prefers not to use such superlatives and simply offers a 5-year warranty on all cegard/Mini-CC (comfort light curtain for elevators according to EN 81-20). Without ifs and buts.

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