Modernization with cegard/Mini-MOD

The cegard/Max and MiniMax light curtains were launched several years ago and have, in the meantime, been successfully replaced by cegard/Mini-MOD. As of 1 January 2019, cegard/Max and MiniMax will only be available as special configurations. A price adjustment is also unavoidable.

With cegard/Mini-MOD, we not only offer an EN 81-20 compliant alternative to cegard/Max and MiniMax but also one that provides greater value for money. Thanks to the matching mounting holes for cegard/Max and cegard/Mini, the cegard/Mini-MOD light curtain can be integrated into existing systems quickly and easily.

According to Christian Signer, Head of the Elevator & Escalator business unit, flexibility is the key advantage of the cegard/Mini-MOD system. Due to its wide operating range of up to 5 metres along with an input voltage range of 20 to 265 VAC or 20 to 375 VDC, the light curtain, equipped with a universal power supply (UPS), can be installed anywhere. Additionally, the UPS has a relay output for easy integration into existing systems.

“The cegard/Mini-MOD light curtain has been designed for both dynamic and static applications. Thanks to the various available door mounting kits, it is ideal for retrofitting. In addition, the mounting holes on the edges are located in exactly the same position as on the cegard/Max, MiniMax and, of course, cegard/Mini light curtains,” says Christian Signer.

“Many elevator operators are looking for a cost-effective and EN 81-20 compliant light curtain, such as cegard/Mini, but have an old system and infrastructure in place, thereby putting increased demands on the interface between the light curtain and door drive. The cegard/Mini-MOD with its universal input voltage range and relay output is the most obvious solution,” Christian Signer says in summary.

Procedure when switching to cegard/Mini-MOD

You only have to tell us which light curtain is currently installed in your system. And we will immediately send you an offer for a cegard/Mini-MOD system.

Your advantages

  • Lower price
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Complies with EN 81-20
  • Hassle-free replacement (same mounting holes)

Features - cegard/Mini-MOD

  • Supply voltage 20 to 265 VAC or 20 to 375 VDC
  • Relay output for easy integration into existing systems
  • Wide operating range from 0 to 5.0 m
  • cegard/Mini-MOD with 36 elements complies with EN 81-20
  • Ideally suited for retrofitting thanks to various and adapted door mounting kits
  • LED status indicator integrated in the edge
  • Waterproof IP67 edges available
  • Front and side mounting possible, mounting holes are compatible with the cegard/Max, MiniMax and cegard/Mini light curtains
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