New Market Leader in Industrial Door Safeguarding: CEDES Acquires VITECTOR

CEDES is proud to announce the acquisition of the VITECTOR portfolio from FRABA and securing a leading position in the industrial door sensor market.

As a global leader in elevator sensors, CEDES successfully applied its technology expertise and power of innovation to gain a foothold in the industrial door market, providing ultra-reliable safeguarding solutions. With the acquisition of VITECTOR, CEDES aims to strengthen this second strategic pillar.

VITECTOR has a long-established international reputation in the industry and offers products that ideally complement the CEDES portfolio, such as optical sensing edges, reflective photo eyes, airwave switches,  door switches and door accessories. Thanks to the combined know-how and additional infrastructure, CEDES can now offer a complete range of proven solutions for industrial door safeguarding and set a strong basis for innovative product developments.

FRABA knows VITECTOR in good hands and can invest in developing its other business areas. CEDES takes over a healthy business with a clear goal of becoming the No. 1 supplier in the industrial door sensor market.




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