Pioneer Newsletter Q3 - 2018

With $19,485 m (IMF GDP nominal 2017), the USA remains the driving force of the global economy but is now being closely followed by China ($12,014 m). Just 10 years ago (2008), China ($4,604 m) was still slightly behind Japan ($5,038 m) and just ahead of Germany ($3,770 m).

Through its efficiency and vision, China is inching its way forward not least thanks to “purchased” innovation. The impact of the rather short-sighted “Trump tariffs” remains to be seen. Focussing on innovation is probably the better remedy.

CEDES’ motto “The Sensor Pioneers.” inherently carries the message that we are pioneers in our field of sensor technology. Only those who have the ability to reinvent themselves over and over again have a right to exist. This claim is particularly important in the current climate. CEDES currently finds itself in a period of transition; we are moving away from the decades-old light barrier / curtain technology to intelligent high-tech 3D sensors. Through an investment worth millions, our product portfolio is taking an important step into the future. The majority of new product platforms will be industrialised by 2019 and 2020. A considerable number of new sensor systems has already been launched and they are picking up speed, many customers have recognised the advantages and are integrating the products into their new product generations. The rate of sales has already reached double figures and continues to grow.

Our highly qualified employees are the cornerstones of this change and tirelessly drive industrialisation forward. As already announced in the last CEDES Pioneer Newsletter, a very deserving employee will be chosen as the ‘CEDES Pioneer’ every two months. This time, it is Marcial Lendi who has tirelessly championed the safe iDiscovery control system as a complement to the already established APS (absolute positioning system for elevators) - congratulations Marcial. This is once again a brand-new feature at CEDES, as it is the first time that we have launched a self-sufficient control system. Not long now: The iDiscovery is to go into full-scale production in 2019.

Christian-Erik Thöny CEO CEDES Group

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