Pioneer Newsletter Q3 - 2019

All around the world, the trade war between the US and China has become the omnipresent topic for some time now and led to quite some uncertainty. The economic growth in Germany for example has slowed down from approximately 2% to less than 1%.

Should this confrontation expand even further, the downward trend in Europe will continue and consequently stall the expected slightly positive trend in 2019 (1.2%) to 1.4% in 2020.

Consequently, significant major economic tailwind is hardly to be expected. If we want to grow, our only option is opening up «white spots», i.e. geographic markets or applications that have not been treated or dealt with so far.

Being a renowned sensor pioneer, CEDES chose to take this path with new products and envisages to grow significantly in 2020. The product platforms that have been developed during the past few years are available and many products based on them are currently being placed on the market. Amongst others, the dual product iDiscovery and APS (absolute positioning system) was presented at the Interlift trade fair, the most important fair for manufacturers of lift and elevator components and with high acclaim. APS is already known and sold in large quantities all over the world. iDiscovery just received the TÜV SIL3 certification and just entered into the test phase. With this combination, the lift and elevator manufacturer has a unique and quickly mountable measuring and control system at hand taking charge of the entire safety component of the elevator control. With this system CEDES extends its portfolio by an essential product group and is now able to serve the elevator market even more comprehensively with sensor systems.

The multiple introductions of new upmarket products call for the highest level of attentiveness and precision also with regards to order processing. In this context of product launches, a CEDES pioneer was chosen again in August. Thanks to her outstanding commitment, Maria Jebbar, our Order Processing Manager, was able to ensure timely delivery of all products to the customers even in this situation. Sincere congratulations!

Christian-Erik Thöny

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