Production start in CEDES Hermannstadt

Our production plant in Sibiu is off to a great start. The first batches of our industrial door sensors produced in Romania are ready and waiting to be shipped to customers around the world.

Our newest subsidiary was officially founded in January 2023. Nine months later, the production facility in the industrial zone Sura Mica in Sibiu is up and running. The CEDES team has put in titanic work to prepare the location, hire and train employees, and transfer production assets from Poland to Romania. Our CEO Patrick Bass praised this team effort, saying that he was “proud to be a part of such a talented and committed group.”  

Rudolf Jörg, COO of the CEDES Group, comments: “The goal of setting up the production site in Sibiu in such a short time and relocating the production site without too long a production downtime was ambitious. Only through the great and friendly cooperation between the team from Sibiu and the team from Landquart, as well as the full commitment of everyone, was it possible to start production in Romania on time. This new production location in Sibiu also gives us more scope for action within the CEDES Group.” Bernd Kagerer, President of the Business Unit Entrance Automation, is also grateful for the team`s dedication leading to a successful transition. “This new European production facility in Romania allows us to streamline our logistics and production processes, offering our customers more flexibility and proximity,” he says. “I am also happy that we could complete our team with a product manager on site.” Besides production and product management, purchasing and order processing functions were also created in Sibiu.  

On October 5th, Remo Degiacomi, Head of Quality Management of the CEDES Group, proudly announced the successful UL certification of CEDES Hermannstadt SRL, now ready to produce and ship the complete VITECTOR by CEDES portfolio for industrial doors. The next step will be to broaden the scope of services offered in Romania. Tudor Avram, Managing Director, sums up: “This is just the beginning and there is still a lot of work ahead of us. The motivation and energy demonstrated by the team makes me really proud and I am convinced that we will make the CEDES story in Romania a success.” 


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