R+T Asia 2019 - Shanghai

The recent debut of CEDES China at the exhibition R+T Asia, in Shanghai has been very successful.

Main attractions on the booth were the most advanced time-of-flight solutions, such as:

  • TOF/Spot “pull-string” application for industrial doors
  • TOF/Start with its intelligent direction recognition, avoiding false openings of the door
  • TOFniva to keep clear the detection area in front of a door

CEDES is convinced that TOF technology is the right choice for a breakthrough in sensor applications. That is why we are spending a lot of energy into the development of time-of-flight based solutions. However, there is a deep sense of gratification any time the positive feedback from our partners confirms that we are walking in the right direction.

Apart from that, visitors have also been interested in more traditional products, such as the light curtains GridScan/Mini, the TLS 500 for the opening of a sliding door and RDS 100, a radar product 100% developed by the CEDES Team in China.

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