Review – BAU 2019 in Munich

Word of our global premier launch at BAU 2019 in Munich must really have got around: There was great interest in our concept study of the 3D sensor TOFswing/AD, the world's smallest sensor for safeguarding automatic swing doors.

The reasons for that interest were quickly revealed in the many encounters with visitors to the fair.

  • The compact dimensions of the TOFswing/AD are a boon to any designer. The days when the sensor protruded into the door glass are gone. And the elegant look of the sensor is another major plus.
  • The Time of Flight (TOF) technology involves no moving parts, meaning the sensor will not wear out or malfunction. The software also reliably detects door locks and walls, and masks them out.
  • The gesture-controlled commissioning process is extremely quick and easy. All parameters can also be modified as required by means of a tablet or phone based app.

Our new industrial products attracted lots of attention too:

  • The GridScan/Pro safety light curtain is the upgraded version of the highly successful GridScan/Mini, and is suitable for modernization projects as well as for new installations.
  • Pull cords to open high-speed doors are a thing of the past. The contactless, maintenance-free TOF/Spot 3D sensor now does the job.

BAU in Munich is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe for CEDES AG and its products for activation and safeguarding doors in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. 

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