Safeguarding industrial doors with the GridScan/Pro

The further development of light curtains for safeguarding industrial doors has been successfully certified. A non-contact SIL2 protection for doors, GridScan/Pro is fit for universal application. EC type-tested, the system can be used as E-device at any door without additional approval of the door model.

Thanks to its multi-output design, the service technician decides directly at the system which output type to use. The selection between FSS (OSE) and semiconductor output is made via wire. This feature cuts the warehousing requirements of light curtains in half. “When developing this new version, we made sure not to change the connection technology of the GridScan/Mini”, says Jürg Pitschi, Product Manager Entrance Automation. “This makes the integration into the controls easier, because you can use the same type of wiring as with the old version.”

The new safety light curtain is design for rough and wet environments with heavy soiling. Mounting is made easy because the range is set automatically when the light curtain is switched on. The system runs on an optimized range setting at which the light curtain was mounted.

Combined with the Safety Unit FSS by CEDES, GridScan/Pro is perfectly suited for upgrading industrial doors. The MOD systems (modernization systems) in which the FSS controller is comprised in the scope of delivery are provided for this purpose. They allow you to make old doors safer and to operate them with a touch-free locking function, also if the door control does not provide for testing of safety light curtains.

Pitschi is sure that GridScan/Pro will be a great asset for the customers. “Following a phase of intensive development work, we are happy to launch the new product, and are looking forward to answering customers’ questions.”

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