Sentec moves into Science Park

CEDES is happy to welcome Sentec AG to the Science Park. The company develops, produces and sells medical devices for respiratory monitoring. With Sentec moving in, the Science Park is becoming a hub for innovative sensor technologies.

Guido Schelling, Sentec`s Branch Manager, explains: “The Team in Landquart is responsible for the technology based on electrical impedance tomography (EIT). We develop all the components of the EIT system, including sensors, sophisticated measuring electronics and the monitor that visualizes regional lung function. In electrical impedance tomography, weak electrical signals are applied and measuring signals are then converted into images. The regional lung function can be visualized at the patient`s bedside continuously, non-invasively and without radiation exposure”. Asked how he likes it in the Science Park, he says: “We certainly feel very welcome here!”

The company has proven to be a good neighbor right from the start. As a small flat belt tore in our optical module testing machine, we didn`t have a spare one on site and needed to find a temporary solution urgently. During Sentec`s move, our Facility Manager noticed their sewing machine and asked politely if the flat belt could be mended with it. An employee said simply: „No problem, I can fix it for you. It`ll take five minutes“. And so she helped to repair the machine quickly and prevent a potential production stop. 

Jürg Züst, VP Production and Logistics at CEDES, sums up: „This story shows us that we have gained a really good neighbor. We are looking forward to potential synergies and hope that Sentec employees will feel at home with us“.

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