Silver for GridScan/Smart Traffic!

Our IoT-enabled light curtain GridScan/Smart Traffic has been awarded the Silver R+T Innovation Award 2024! Learn more about this game-changing solution for industrial doors.

The GridScan/Smart Traffic is an intelligent safety light curtain of the next generation, offering much more than just door safeguarding. The conventional function is extended with the monitoring of the flow of people and goods. This smart transit control opens up new possibilities in many working environments.  

The shape, movement, and identity of the object are recognized through the interruption of light beams over time, and the subsequent image processing is supported by AI and pre-learned information.  In this way, the light curtain knows whether it is a person, a car, a truck or a forklift going through the door. The direction of movement and speed can also be determined.  

Since light curtains are already used as a safety component on many doors, the system can generate valuable information about the door usage without much additional effort. The collected data can then be combined with other sensor and door data within an IoT solution. This results in a wide range of possible applications – the determination of freight volume in a logistics centre or the predictive maintenance of the door are just some examples.  

CEDES and Marantec are developing a joint solution in this field based on GridScan/Smart Traffic and maveo, Marantec's IoT platform. The outcome of this cooperation will make for an important building block of smart buildings, where door sensors become the building’s “eyes and ears”. Stay tuned! 

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