Success stories at interlift 2017

The second generation SIL3-rated APS (Absolute Positioning System) for elevator hoistways and the TOF/Start escalator sensor for retrofitting projects and new facilities were two of several success stories for CEDES at interlift 2017 in Augsburg, Germany.

In addition, the forthcoming TOFgard/Mini elevator safeguarding sensor also showed tremendous promise, according to Andreas Hunziker, Managing Director of CEDES EMEA & RoW.

“In fact, we were so busy over the four days of interlift 2017 that our sales team have forgotten the meaning of the word lunch,” he jokes.

Hunziker says that visitors to the CEDES booth had a much better understanding of the levels of safety offered by the APS. He explains: “Reliability within the harsh environment of a hoistway way was something that so many customers wanted to know more about. We built a display unit with an APS and code tape running horizontally, with materials from dirt and dust to larger metal objects to show how reliably the APS could ignore these to continuously provide pin-point position and speed accuracy. Visitors were really impressed when that reliability and performance were maintained even when we flooded the display chamber with smoke.”

The TOF/Start proved a great hit with a number of European municipal authorities seeking a high-performance and reliable sensor to increase both escalator passenger comfort and energy efficiency.

The huge interest in the TOFgard platform was also very evident, according to new Vice President, Business Unit Elevators and Escalators, Christian Signer, who was Product Manager for the breakthrough sensor. “Our trade fair reports are filled with requests to keep both existing and potential customers up to date on the latest developments there. The interest is quite incredible,” he reveals.

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