Successful CEDES Sales Meeting

The annual CEDES Sales Meeting was held late February at the company headquarters in Landquart, Switzerland. From the product side, two key highlights formed the center of interest at this years’ venue.

GridScan/Pro is a safety light curtain complementing the present GridScan/Mini line. It is designed to protect all types of doors. Especially its robust design and variability of outputs (including serial interface) proved to be very convincing to CEDES’ front line. CEDES will, based on the GridScan/Pro, continue work in closest co-operation with industrial door companies to widen the range of doors safeguarded with light curtains, as this method provides a unique customer experience given the contact less operation principle.

A second strong focus formed the iDiscovery safety controller. It replaces many traditional elevator safety systems as it continuously monitors the elevator position together with the CEDES APS (Absolute Positioning System) . In case an unsafe condition is given, the safety chain is opened and in worst case electronic safeties are triggered. Alike, the system provides a massive complexity reduction, leading to increased functionality, less installation effort and ultimately a safer elevator system.

Certainly, a Sales Meeting is not only about products and applications. It much about team work and spirit. One night, the team performed a bike challenge. At several stations, bike parts had to be won and eventually assembled to two cool, 20’’ children bikes. After a lot of team work and fun, the bikes were perfectly functional and the team ready for nice Swiss Fondue. The bikes by the way were donated to a children’s home in a nearby town where underprivileged children do benefit from the event.

The highlight in every CEDES Sales Meeting are the Bison awards. The Bison 2019 were awarded to Robert Wells (Senior Area Sales Manager) for his outstanding achievement of boosting sales of GridScan light curtains in Italy convincing several OEMs to safeguard their complete range of doors with CEDES light curtains, as well as to Francisco Garcia (Area Sales Manager Spain) achieving the highest growth number in the entire CEDES team. -Congratulations to both! Finally, there is an award dedicated from the subsidiaries to a person in the HQ. This year, the soaring eagle was awarded to Christian Erik Thöny (CEO) for his exceptional support to the CEDES subsidiaries.

The Sales Meeting 2019 was a successful event hosting both serious and funded product/market/strategy discussion but at the same time a lot of fun and tam work. So, lots of energy is available to achieve the tough targets set for 2019 and beyond.

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