Sustainability is at the root of everything that we do

We also want to put this principle into practice in our nearest environment. The Clean-Up Day was a small but important step towards this goal.

On Friday, 17th September, around 70 CEDES employees geared up with safety vests, gloves and trash grabbers, and went off to free the streets of the  Landquart Commune  of litter. Together, we collected 93 kg of garbage, including plastic bottles, very old metal parts, a broken kickboard and a tremendous amount of cigarette butts. Those `treasures` were then disposed of into a container provided by the commune. The action was part of a Swiss-wide event coordinated by the IGSU association  

Feedback from CEDES employees was very positive. Group leaders praised the Clean-Up Day as an action for a good cause and a great teambuilding activity. Working in small, mixed groups from different departments provided an opportunity to get to know each other better and in a different setting. We also got some thumbs-up from passers-by. Although one observer mistook our groups for working prisoners, we can assure you that none of the participants felt like they were being punished.  

After the hard work, we enjoyed well-deserved refreshments in the park. Sustainability was the motto of this part of the day as well – 5 cents per each can of Uszit beer go into projects aimed at protecting Swiss forests, including the `Forest of the Future` led by the Canton of Lucerne and  WWF

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