The APS pioneers go from strength to strength

Four years since the launch of the CEDES APS system integrated into the Lester Controls range of elevator controllers and the partnership with pioneers Lester Controls goes from strength to strength.

Stuart Davidson, Managing Director and Brendan Johnson, R&D Director from Lester Controls recently visited the CEDES HQ in Landquart to see the latest production facilities for APS and the APS Code Tape, whilst at the same time getting a look at the new development for the APS system – iDiscovery. Brendan was very interested to see the iDiscovery test facility and to understand how simple to install and safe the APS and new iDiscovery system will become.

The iDiscovery for APS will be launched at interlift 2019 and will allow elevator manufacturers and installers to radically improve elevator safety to SIL 3, streamline installations - saving time and money.

With over 3000 installations now complete in the UK on lifts up to speeds of 4m per second, an excellent record for safety, quality and endurance is backed by CEDES and Lester Controls technical support to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The success of this partnership has seen Lester sales and customer satisfaction increase strongly over this period.

Since trials began in the UK in 2014, the CEDES APS is now used across the range of Lester controllers on all types of lift installations from hydraulic elevators to multi car groups over 100m high. The CEDES APS was installed by Lester Controls on the UK National Lift Tower in Northampton before the successful launch of the Almega II controller.

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