The spirit of give and take

CEDES has been the main sponsor of UHC Alligator Malans for over twenty years and provides not only financial support but also part-time jobs to overseas players and coaches.

It is a long-standing and excellent partnership based on mutual trust and benefits that works both ways. This cooperation promotes the regional team, which is active both nationally and internationally in the floorball scene, and young and talented individuals, something from which CEDES can profit over and over again.

Through its annual sponsor tournament, UHC Alligator Malans encourages its respective sponsors to put together teams to compete against each other, thereby helping to cultivate and promote solidarity among all of Malans’ floorball partners.

CEDES is also regularly represented at this event by a power team. This year was no different and the team came a respectable fifth.

It is in the true spirit of CEDES to maintain such partnerships, to integrate floorball players into the CEDES team and to support the team as fans. Needless to say, CEDES is more than happy to participate in such sporting events.

As Jürg Züst, General Manager CEDES AG, says: «Actually, we have the same goal as UHC Alligator Malans, since we also want to be a strong team that achieves success together.»

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