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The 2019 North American Elevator Safety Code (ANSI A17.1-2019 / CSA B44-19) defines new and clarifies existing requirements for the means of detecting persons or objects between the doors (2D) or approaching the elevator (3D). CEDES CabSafe™ system, consisting of a Controller, a 2D light curtain and a 3D TOF sensor, can fulfill all these code requirements and more.
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CabSafe™ 3D

  • Reduces risk of accidents caused by being hit by the doors 
  • Reduces risk of damage caused by objects hitting the elevator doors 
  • Reliable detection of people and objects in front of the cab using TOF technology
  • Fulfills detection requirements of A17.1-2019 / CSA B44-19 
  • Ideal for both new installations and modernization
  • Flush and surface mounting options available

CabSafe™ 2D

  • Ideal for both: static and dynamic installations 
  • Criss-cross beams for a reliable detection 
  • Meets ASME A17.1-2019 / CSA B44-19 code detection requirements 
  • Meets all requirements under EN81-20


  • Entrance area monitoring for all types of elevators


  • Not disturbed by metal objects in the field
  • Can detect moving people and objects
  • Clearly defined and stable detection area
  • Fully testable with doors fully open as required by the new standard
  • Not subject to upcoming FCC limitations of frequency bands that currently allows
    UWB for interference protection


  • State-of-the-art 3D infrared image sensor for true 3D protection
  • Transom mounted – flush and surface mounting available
  • Fully compliant with all 2D and 3D detection requirements in A17.1-2019/B44-19


Datasheet CabSafe 3D sensor & controller


Datasheet CabSafe 2D light curtain

A17.5-2019 / B44.1-19 CSA CERTIFICATE

Manual CabSafe 3D Sensor & Controller

CE Declaration CabSafe System

Manual CabSafe 2D light curtain

Constultant's Specification

White paper


CabSafe movie
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