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Light curtains


The cegard/Mini-MOD’s relay-output and universal power supply allows it to be efficiently integrated into any existing elevator facility, with no need for additional components.


  • Power supply voltage of 20 ... 265 VAC or 20 ... 375 VDC
  • Relay output for easy integration into existing systems
  • Wide range of 0 … 5 m
  • cegard/Mini-MOD with 36 elements fulfills EN 81-20
  • Ideal for retrofitting using different optimized door mounting kits
  • Status LED integrated into edge
  • IP67 edges version available
  • Edge can be front or side mounted – mounting holes are compatible with the MiniMax and cegard/Max light curtains


  • Door safeguarding for modernized elevator facilities


Installation accessory - Vision Shield

CE / UKCA certificate - cegard/Mini

CE / UKCA certificate - UPS

CSA certificate - cegard/Mini

CSA certificate - UPS

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