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Light curtains


The cegard/Mini’s robust design is the key to its market-leading quality. This makes it the most cost-efficient solution for elevator door safeguarding.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Ideal for both static and dynamic applications
  • Integrated controller with LED status indicator
  • Short-circuit-proof semiconductor-output PNP/NPN (push-pull)
  • Requires no grounding (earth)
  • Selectable monitoring height of either 1,582 mm or 1,822 mm
  • IP65 (Standard) and IP67 (waterproof) versions available
  • ATEX version available
  • Edge can be front or side mounted – mounting holes are compatible with the MiniMax and cegard/Max light curtains


  • Door safeguarding in elevator facilities


Installation accessory - Vision Shield

Manual - ATEX version

CE / UKCA certificate

CE / UKCA certificate - EX version

CSA certificate

ATEX certificate

Manual cegard/Mini-2000-32-NA (US version)

QSG cegard/Mini-32-NA-SPS (US version)

QSG cegard/Mini-32-NA-UPS (US version)

QSG cegard/Mini-32-2000-NB-UPS

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