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TOF/Spot (Non Safety)

The TOF/Spot is a compact yet powerful measuring system with the widest range of application possibilities. It offers ultra-reliable detection and exact detection range setting.
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A comfort sensor that can be used without a background


  • Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor
  • Exact distance setting, independent from background
  • Excellent detection capability
  • Small and sleek design
  • Operating range from 0.2 m up to 6 m
  • Easy mounting
  • Insensitive to ambient light up to 100,000 Lux


  • Presence detection of trucks
  • Presence and movement detection, e.g. at car park barriers
  • Opening pulse generator of industrial doors
  • Replaces 'pull-string' door opening


Installation guide; N type

Installation guide; P, C types

Installation guide; T type

Application - Car park barriers

Installation guide - TOF/Spot-car detection

Application - Truck detection

Installation guide - Truck detection

Accessories for TOF/Spot

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