CEDES presents elevator innovations in Japan

At an event hosted by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan on June 29th, CEDES had the honor to meet high level representatives of all key customers and stakeholders in Tokyo.

After an introduction by Dr. Andreas Baum, acting Swiss Ambassador to Japan, Christian Thöny and Jan Giger talked about current trends in the elevator industry, explaining how our company can help customers exploit the potential of new technologies with our product offering and innovation roadmap. The presentation led to interesting discussions around sensor fusion, IoT and AI-based DaaS/SaaS. According to Christian Thöny, these technologies will result in “a quantum leap in the efficiency of vertical transportation systems.”   

Our ongoing mission is to reduce elevator complexity while increasing its safety. Alex Ackermann explained how we achieve this with our hoistway solutions. The contactless absolute positioning system APS and the safety supervisor unit iDiscovery combine into a highly integrated system that eliminates many of the individual components currently required for a conventional elevator. This solution significantly reduces elevator cost and complexity, as well as installation and maintenance time. Both APS and iDiscovery are SIL-3 certified. Our guest speaker Masataka Nakao, General Manager of TÜV Rheinland Japan, gave a very interesting presentation on the certification process and the differences in requirements between Japan and Europe.  

The event finished with a standing reception and networking in the pleasant ambience of the Ambassador`s residence. We would like to thank all the esteemed guests, our hosts from the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and the CEDES Japan Team for making this event a success. 

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