Pioneer Newsletter Q1 - 2019

Are the Swiss the world market leaders in quality? Well, we are, until we launch a product in Japan. Our Japanese customers painfully point out even the tiniest mistakes. And they demand highly detailed, step-by-step information until a sustainable solution to the problem has been found.

This discipline, historically anchored in Japan, has never been so pronounced back home in Switzerland. Everything has its correct order, principle and place. Nothing happens unplanned or spontaneously. This is something we can learn from Japan when it comes to our own quality. But it is also wise to retain our own creativity. Can such varying characteristics be mastered at the same time?  Japan serves as an example to us in this respect, too.  Hardly any other country is able to combine its traditions with the constant demands and permanent changes of the modern age.  And that starts with the Imperial Family.

2019 marks the handover of the Chrysanthemum Throne.  Emperor Akihito is the first emperor to hand over the throne insignia to his son Naruhito during his lifetime in the more than 2500 years of imperial history.  Especially the Imperial Family has shown, in particular since Akihito, the 125th Emperor, that tradition and modernity are possible at the same time.  The Emperor is the «symbol of the country and of the unity of the people».  Japan shows time and again that it can work its way out of the most difficult situations.  In the 1960s, Japan experienced its large growth phases which then collapsed.  Japan mastered this and now has the third largest GDP in the world, behind the USA and China. The proverbial Japanese discipline is the basis for this.  

Some of our new sensors were tested by large Japanese companies and we were brought down to earth by numerous optimizations.  These have led to the fact that, with the necessary patience and discipline, today’s products have an even higher level of quality than before.  The error rate of our products to date is a few hundred PPMs.  Thanks need to be given to our Japanese customers for further enhancing our TQM awareness!  

I would like to put forward a proposition.  When a new product is launched, it is a good idea to take it to Japan as soon as possible.  There you will be mercilessly shown even the tiniest mistakes; not a typical trait for Japan. If you now manage to survive this phase with your product and become successful on the Japanese market, then your product is unbeatable. CEDES has once again nominated a pioneer. With his untiring effort, Loris Zanolari, together with his team, has successfully accompanied our new product «intelligent light curtain GridScan/Pro» all the way through TÜV certification. GridScan/Pro will now be launched and be an integral part of our new product portfolio.  Well done Loris and thank you for this great achievement.

Christian-Erik Thöny CEO CEDES Group

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