A new level of elevator design

The CEDES APS & iDiscovery and an electrically activated safety gear are a perfect match. Our solution simplifies the hoistway in a radical way, making the installation, configuration and teach process much faster and easier. Two new installations in Switzerland and in Spain clearly demonstrate these advantages. Together with our partners, we are taking elevator design to the next level.

The brand new Symbio elevator from RALOE in our headquarters in Landquart is tailored to our special needs, combining the CEDES iDiscovery with the electrically activated safety gear ESG-17BS from Wittur. The elevator is working flawlessly and has just passed the examination by TÜV Austria. RALOE offers high-quality lift packages and is not afraid to apply innovative solutions – a perfect partner for this new type of installation. With Carlos Silva, Wittur and Liftkönig on board, they drove the project to a successful conclusion. RALOE saw a great advantage in the fact that our iDiscovery system makes so many conventional components redundant, which results in shorter overall assembly time and more free space in the elevator shaft. 

In the meantime, around 2300 km away, Dynatech decided to team up with CEDES for a new elevator installation in their office building in Zaragoza. Dynatech`s electrically activated safety gear combined with our Absolute Positioning System and the iDiscovery safety supervisor unit turned out to be a recipe for success, which we wouldn`t have achieved without the other partner companies involved in this project: Omega providing the lift package, Schmersal with the CANOpen module, Code Lift taking care of overall electronics and wiring, and Ascensores Sales performing the installation and maintenance.

The combination of APS , iDiscovery and an electrically activated safety gear significantly reduces elevator cost and complexity, as well as installation and maintenance time. We strongly believe that the solution is future-proof and that those two projects were just the first of many similar new installations to come. 

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