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Bring your elevator business forward with CEDES Elevate – a powerful IoT solution designed to improve operational efficiency and enable new revenue streams.

Running on arrival, several visits to fix one elevator breakdown, unpaid invoices, significant customer churn… Sounds familiar? These are but a few challenges that independent service providers are facing every day. With the number of units under maintenance growing and skilled employees getting harder to find, it becomes crucial to optimize maintenance operations. CEDES is here to help. Our universal IoT solution provides 24/7 elevator health monitoring, so that you can locate problems, determine their root cause and act upon them before they lead to a breakdown.  

70% of elevator issues occur at the door, so that’s where our hardware goes. cegard/Smart  is as easy to install and commission as any other light curtain, but it can do much more than conventional door safeguarding. It collects and processes valuable data on elevator health and traffic, which is then made available in user-friendly dashboards on any connected device. The solution is independent from the elevator controller and retrofittable in any elevator, regardless of its manufacturer, model, or age. Dynamic mounting on the door enables a people counting function without any additional devices.  

CEDES Elevate is our cloud-based IoT platform for smart elevator management. It visualizes data from every connected elevator, ensuring transparency for all stakeholders:  

  • Service companies can detect issues before the customer calls to report a breakdown.  
  • Elevator technicians get actionable information on the root cause and location of the problem directly to their mobile devices, so that they can come prepared and fix issues quickly the first time around.  
  • Facility managers can keep all elevators in sight and recognize if there is a problem to fix immediately or an increased maintenance need on the floors with most traffic.  
  • Property owners get valuable insights on building usage through people flow analysis. 

Ultimately, CEDES Elevate brings you peace of mind by helping to increase elevator uptime and to ensure the best possible experience for building tenants.  

Interested in elevating your business with IoT? Watch the video and contact us to find out more about CEDES Elevate.


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