Our new portfolio for industrial door safeguarding

The integration of the VITECTOR portfolio is in full swing. With the deal closing on June 1, 2022, VITECTOR will fully merge economically into the CEDES Group as "VITECTOR by CEDES".

We now offer a complete product range for industrial door safeguarding, suitable for high-speed, sectional and rolling doors. CEDES' well-proven, highly reliable safety light curtains such as  GridScan/Pro  and TOF sensors such as  TOF/Spot  are now complimented by additional solutions and technologies.

The VITECTOR by CEDES portfolio includes:

  • Optical safety edges
  • Pre-travelling light barriers
  • Airwave switches
  • Door switches
  • Accessories

With the complete portfolio, we can now offer you a suitable solution for every application.



If you have any questions and would like to learn more about our solutions for industrial door safeguarding, please contact the  Area Sales Manager  responsible for your region. You can also find further contacts and additional information in our  FAQ .

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