People flow webinar

Thank you to all the participants of the first CEDES webinar on implementing people counting, special object recognition (wheelchairs / hospital beds) as well as complete traffic flow analysis with a standard CEDES light curtain for elevators.

The data collected by the cegard/Smart light curtain can be used directly in the elevator controller or made available in CEDES Elevate, our latest IoT solution for elevators, and will help you achieve these tangible results:

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Better distribution of passenger loads
  • Privacy for patients in beds and increased safety for people in wheelchairs
  • Higher tenant satisfaction
  • Optimized investment planning

The topic is interesting for elevator people, elevator consultants, facility managers, building operators and building owners.

About the speaker:

Jan Giger has worked in the elevator industry for over 20 years and knows the market of sensor solutions for vertical transportation inside out. In his current capacity as President of the Business Unit Elevator & Escalator, he drives the business and roadmap for our cutting-edge solutions, including the latest IoT-enabling products for elevators presented in this webinar.

Missed the webinar? Contact our team to find out more about this unique solution and stay tuned for the upcoming webinars.

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