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Elevator industry
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Safety & Automation industry

Welcome to CEDES

CEDES’ product range comprises standard infrared light curtains and sensors for the Elevator and Doors & Gates industries. 
Award-winning innovation allows us to specialize in customer-specific solutions. We develop close partnerships with our customers to ensure we deliver upon our motto, “More than you expect!”

The latest information on iDiscovery and TOFgard

Innovation lies at the core of CEDES. And 2017 will be a very interesting year in that regard with the launch of both the TOFgard and iDiscovery ...more
CEDES AG modernizes its European logistics concept

The movement of goods within Europe has become much more simplified in recent years. For this reason, CEDES AG will concentrate and expand our logistical operations and order processing under a highly effective team at its headquarters in Landquart, Switzerland from the end of May 2017.... more

Major UK elevator control manufacturer adopts APS

In recent months CEDES has negotiated a number of partnerships with companies around the globe. One such success has been with UK-based Lester Controls ... more

Product information APS
EN 81-20 compliant light curtains

The latest version of the cegard/Mini-CC meets all EN 81-20 requirements and its features set new standards for elevator and door systems ... more

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